Monday, March 11, 2013

The Opening

Above are some examples of my pictures at the exhibition before it was opened to the public. The day, which I was happy to see was sunny and warm and a perfect day for distance travellers.   The first thing I did was look for my name and picture on the highway sign advertising my show.  Yeah I saw it and was thrilled to see one of my drawings on display for the public driving by to see an example of my work.

The afternoon went by so fast!  I was pleased to see so many people at my first solo show and many people travelled from far and wide to come and see the show and  I am so grateful for the effort and time to those who came.  Thank you for coming.  Although it was difficult to talk with everyone, I am happy people were patiently waiting for their turn.  It was nice to hear from the public which piece was their favourite and why.  A vast amount of interests but a few common ones as well.  At this show, there were pastel and graphite drawings as well as coloured pencils. The show is until March 27 and if you get a chance do come by.

Next month I will be part of a group show in St. Albert between April 26-28 and will be starting a new piece today and hope I will have it completed by the show at St. Albert (that is if time is on my side) as well as hope to display more studies at this show too!  I will be there opening day Friday April 26 between 5-9 pm at the City Hall in St. Albert if you would like to come by and say hi.

 I am booked to have another solo show at the Dow Centre in two years and have already started planning my pictures.  Yesterday I spent the day walking outside and came up with some new ideas and am eager to hire models to pose for my next series. I am quite excited about my new series and yes indeed it will take two years to undertake my theme.  I will, be part of group shows intermittently between now and 2015 and will give the public a sneak peak of what to expect.

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