Friday, March 8, 2013

Embraced By Light

 Since there is a tapestry of cultures that participate at Edmonton’s annual Heritage Days, it was a perfect place to photograph people for future drawings. One little girl caught my eye. It was by accident that I saw this girl as she poked her head out of the tent.  I knew immediately when I saw her I had to photograph her.  Although, it was an overcast day, I did manage to sneak a few shots but when I got home the quality of the photographs were somewhat compromised.  The next day much to my delight was sunny and armed with my camera I set out first thing in the morning.   I liked how the sun embraced this little girl from behind and on top of her head causing her beads to glisten in the warm light.  The sun’s strong light created interesting shadow shapes on her face.  Perhaps the most challenging thing for me when I did this drawing was to capture her happiness and joy while being enveloped in the warm light.

15.5 x 18.5"
for sale

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