Monday, February 28, 2011

Longing For Summer....

Sketching on location with one of my students at Fort Edmonton Park last summer.  I just came across this picture and longed to be outside once again drawing and painting. Seeing the richness of colours in nature is truly remarkable.  It would be a great honour if I could truly capture the essence of what is before us in  life. It is a wonderful challenge I eagerly embrace and welcome.


These I have completed over the last week.  Last year one of my students gave me these beautiful orchids for my birthday and took pictures of them.  I recently came across the photos and thought why not-it would be fun and challenging at the same time.  The last one was done on a linen panel from the states and I really like how the oil goes on it.  Unfortunately I just ordered more and will have to paint up a storm before I can try it again.  They are more expensive but why not.

Currently I now have my ten paintings to be shown at the Second Cup and the whole process starts all over.  In between, I will be squeezing in some larger ones for an upcoming show in May.  I currently have two 12 x12s on the go and hope to have them finished soon.

I will be resigning as of tomorrow-(just making an official public notice before my other place knows :)) teaching at a certain location-it was only once a week.  It was a good experience but now it is time for something different and new.  I am looking forward and welcoming a new change.

From top to bottom:
Orchid II
Orchid I
Orchid III
Oil on Museum Panel
$ 153.00 framed (each)
$120.00 unframed (each)
plus shipping and handling
For more information please email me at

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hidden Treasure

Another summer's eve where Mary a volunteer where I work and myself went driving around to take photos of landscapes.  As we were driving along a secluded road that had rows and rows of trees, a brief break appeared as I looked to my left and I saw a glimpse of this landscape.  As Mary stopped the car, I fought my way through the thick branches to take this picture of a farmer's field.  I tried something different with this panel.  Being a previous painting that I did not like, I painted a warm tone over it and forgot all about it.  Having a spontaneous moment, I decided to give it a try with this landscape and loved the effect it gave.  I will do more of this in the near future.

Oil on Quality Museum Panel
Framed: $155.00
Unframed: $120.00
(plus shipping and handling)

Summer's Haze

Another one of the photos that I took this summer with my dad and it is about two miles west from where my parents live.  It is actually an old abandoned place with some red buildings still erect.  I loved how the crocked tree leaned confidently to the right in this field. Attempting to stand apart from the rest of the trees.   A pinkish haze enveloped the horizon that summer's eve and the grass in the foreground swayed gently in the evening breeze.  It was beautiful and perfect.

Oil on Museum Quality Panel

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Prairie Dream

With this one, I combined two photos.  The original had a clear blue sky and I wanted to create something with a slight variation. I loved how one of my photos captured pinks and oranges in the sky.  In addition, the buildings were originally green and were lost in the landscape.  With other photo references that I had of different buildings, I decided to change these buildings to red to create more contrast.  Trying out new colour schemes and had fun experimenting on this scene.

Oil on Museum Quality Panel

Field Of Gold

As I wanted to focus on landscapes for this series, I wanted to create an impression of a summer's eve prairie scene.  With this one, the clouds are more pronounced than my other paintings and were much fun to paint.  As we are experiencing much snow over here, I can't wait to walk these fields once again and run my hands along the barley tips.  The aroma sweet and crisp envelope me. Nothing beats prairie life and  I could spend hours and hours walking in this field, staring and the colours of the trees, and sky.  On my walk, I often make mental notes of how blues are reflected on the trees.

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