Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amber Anne

Amber Anne, who has Amber coloured eyes, was nonchalantly lying on my bed on sunny spring morning. The sun began to creep across her and I grabbed my camera and began clicking wildly.  Spontaneously, I stood above her and she leaned back and gave me this perfect pose.  I just had to do this drawing and will be revisiting this composition in full colour in the future. Amber is quite the character as she loves to play fetch and sometimes before going to bed she brings her mangled green coloured mouse( she only likes the green one) for me to attempt to throw it. Strange girl indeed!

The drawing of Amber is currently unavailable as I am working towards a solo show coming in March 2013. 

For Sale: please contact susanne@lamorearts.com

Persimmon and A Cup

A second daily painting from life. Quite an interesting fruit.  Although I never tasted one before, I really do love the bright orange colours.

8x8" Oil on Museum Quality Panel
$120.00 unframed
$155.00 framed
(plus shipping and handling)

for more information please contact susanne@lamorearts.com

A Luminous Persimmon

It has been a slight while since my last posting.  To keep you all updated on what's going on in my art world is that I have been busy drawing.  My drawing of Amber is finished (and has been for quite some time) and will be posting that very shortly.  I am almost finished another drawing of a cat and hope to have that posted in the next week or so and am currently working on a portrait of Ama (which her portrait is about half done).  Intermittently, daily painting has been interjected into my life. I do this to keep up my skills with a brush and enhance my observational skills in interpreting colours.

6x6 Oil on Museum Quality Panel

$89.95 framed
$55.00 unframed
(plus shipping and handling)
for more information please contact susanne@lamorearts.com

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