Monday, September 24, 2012

Watchful Gaze

Summer has come and gone and it has been quite awhile since my last post.  I participated in a local art walk, visited family, worked, and did art.  Currently I have four additional drawings on my wall and I am in process of doing another one.

“Watchful Gaze” was my third attempt at this composition.  The intense and curious look from this cat inspired me to capture the expression and essence of this cat.   With my other attempts, I took some experimental routes which caused much dissatisfaction on my part.  I tried different paper and surfaces but was not happy with the outcome.  The other methods were with charcoal and personally I am enjoying working with pastels as it is relatively fast and can be forgiving. This drawing  will be featured at an upcoming show in October.

Speaking of cats, while I attended the art walk and other summer events, I was very shocked to hear from people how much they “hate” cats when they looked at my art.  Hate is such as strong word and definitely something that I cannot understand why someone would feel such strong emotion towards an animal. Even this past spring at a local pet store, there was an organization attempting to adopt out a beautiful orange cat whose jaw was broken from human interference.  The cat had a hard time eating but I am thankful that in the end someone adopted him and would give him a wonderful home.  However, where there are abusive interactions, good does prevail through people.

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