Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Muskoka was a commissioned piece for a Christmas present that I completed awhile back. I did a few thumbnail sketches, some studies of the features and finally started the real drawing. I can honestly say while I was working on Muskoka's eye, I was holding my breath.  Sometimes I have had to scrap the  drawing in the past because the eyes were not correct. The eyes, in my opinion, are the most important feature on a face.   The rest of Muskoka's features were easier and everything went smoothly.  The framed picture above is hanging in the clients house and now decorates  their bedroom.  I am grateful to the person who commissioned me for this portrait and wishing them many years of happiness with their picture.

I have also been exceptionally busy with preparing for my solo show in March.  I have not posted my art work at this time because I want to keep people in suspense. (for a little while at least) Just to let everyone know, I have been working very hard, getting up early and  working long hours.  I have cut back on some teaching because I am a slow worker and need all the time I can spare on my art.  I have been doing many thumbnail sketches, studies (loads of them) and my pictures are a good size.  I may from time to time post some of my studies up in the near future. Tomorrow I start the whole day over again and hopefully I start working at six like I did this morning.

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