Monday, October 22, 2012


I had started this drawing in early September, but let it sit for some time before posting it. Leaving a drawing for awhile allows me to take visual break from a piece when I believe I am finished.  When I go back to the drawing, I am able to look at it with fresh eyes and adjust the values or texture as need be.  Currently, this is drawing is the last one for a while that I will do of a cat (although I still need to post a commissioned feline drawing that I completed in September).  It is not because I am tired drawing cats, rather, I want to explore the challenge of drawing people.  Simba was on display at the group show this past weekend (see previous post), however, all of my felines plus Ama will be for sale at an upcoming solo show in March.

Currently Unavailable

Group Show and People's Choice Award

This past weekend, several of my pieces (both pastel drawings and oil paintings) were shown in a group show in St. Albert. On Thursday evening, several artists were busy hanging their artwork  for this show (which ran Friday -Sunday) and a range of beautiful artwork in variety of styles, and mediums were on display for the public to view,  purchase and vote for their favourite art work.   My drawing of Ama, which was completed recently, won first place for people's choice award and I am grateful to the public who voted for my artwork.  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pixie II

Well I did get my vitamin N during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, however, I did not unload those branches after all.  I was somewhat disappointed when I came home to discover that my parents already completed the strenuous task. However, my father did leave one branch for me to contribute my effort on the farm.  Well on Sunday, my father and myself went for that walk across the field and I did indeed bring that branch and made my contribution to clean up the mess from the windy summer.  Although the weather on that weekend was not particularly good, I did manage to walk everyday and enjoyed the experience tremendously.  With my sister and her family, she brought her friend's dog to the farm and it was quite enjoyable walking with him alone in the morning.

The drawing above, Pixie II, has been completed for sometime now.  With this pose of Pixie, she is  sitting down across the sofa looking out a window and her attentive gaze is what inspired me to draw this portrait.  Although this pose is very similar (but not exact) to the previous drawing I did of her awhile back, I wanted to explore black pastels for this composition. This weekend Pixie will be in group show at City Hall in St. Albert.  I will be exhibiting four pastel drawings and five oil paintings.
Tomorrow, if there is time, I will be posting another drawing of a cat in brown pastels.

Pixe II
For Sale

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ama II

My teaching schedule has been in full swing now for about a week.  This pastel drawing above is a person whom I photographed many years ago.  I was walking through the university library and I noticed her sitting in one of the cubicles studying.  Spontaneously (before I thought rationally), I asked her if she would pose for me.  I am currently working on another pastel drawing of her and am truly enjoying the process.  Her unique braids is a wonderful challenge to capture its texture. Ama II will be in a show towards the end of this month. (I apologize the photo of this drawing is blurry)

This past weekend, I went to a local historical park where I photographed another model.  Well actually she is one of my students whom I have been teaching now for 8 years.  Her gentle disposition truly lends to creating some style of drawings that I want to explore soon.  I also spent the weekend at this park sketching things as it was wonderful to be at this location after hours when the public has gone home and to really study the colours in the sunlight as it descends for the day.  The earth this time of year smells so fresh as some of the leaves have fallen to the ground and the compost effects have just started.

While doing art in my studio, I am listening to a program written by Richard Louv on the "Nature Principles" and how we are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder due to the reason of not enough time spent outside in nature (something that I personally can relate to  with on my own situation by staying too long in the studio/teaching and not enough time outside).  There was one section in this 8 CD disk version where he talks about the good bacteria in dirt called M. vaccae.  This good bacteria activates certain neurons in the brain which releases serotonin( a lack of serotonin is believed to be a factor in depression and an imbalanced immune system) But by being immersed with nature and playing with dirt (gardening etc), participants breath in this good bacteria increases serotonin levels and the participants feel better, happier as a result.  I noticed as I was sketching this past week outdoors, I did not want the day to end and I could have stayed outside all day.  I also notice when I am outside at my parents farm, I do not want to come inside to work but rather be content mucking around in the dirt all day. Sad for me to say in this next part, but many many branches broke off during this past summer on my parents farm and I am looking forward to helping my father haul (his estimation 6 truck loads) of branches.  I will be definitely be getting my vitamin N this weekend.

Ama II
currently unavailable
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