Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moonlight Sonata

When photographing models, the wardrobe, the angle of light to the person’s features, and the position of the camera relative to the position of the individual are considered.   During the photo session, I will take several photos of the model to capture the right look and pose.  Moreover, the photo session with the model may take several days to get a few useable photo references.  This is what I did with my all of my models.
In the drawing entitled Moonlight Sonata, I was inspired by Rembrandt, a seventeenth century Dutch artist, who is famous for the technique employed in his art work called Chiaroscurism (strong contrast between lights and darks). Bold, strong values in a drawing give the composition a sense of drama.  I wanted to capture that drama in my drawing and found the perfect opportunity while photographing Ama.  Wanting her face, hands, and the violin to be the main focus in this drawing, Ama was dressed in black to cause the unimportant features to be lost in the shadows.  I positioned the spotlight on her and removed any secondary light source that may have conflicted with the effect.  I liked how her glasses shimmered against the darkness and how radiant she looked with the violin.

Moonlight Sonata
20.75x15.4" + frame
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