Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eyes Of The Beholder

What really grabbed my attention with this one was the eyes.  I absolutely loved the intense stare of this cat and the amazing colours in her eyes.  I get lost drawing and painting eyes.  I practiced painting these ones several times before I did the real thing.  I wanted to may sure I had the colours correct, the highlights and reflected lights in the right place.  I also did a charcoal drawing of this cat previously. Currently my cat paintings will be on linen canvas which will be slightly more expensive than the panels. I have "Pixie" all drawn (see the pastel drawing in previous entry) and will be exploring painting cats on linen more in the future.  Currently I have just finished a 16x20 pastel drawing of a cat named Amber and will be posting her soon.  I just need to take a break from this drawing and look at it in a few days with fresh eyes to do some final touch ups.

I also want to share great news too.  Eyes of the Beholder, the charcoal drawing, won Honorable Mention at a recent show I participated in.

For sale
Oil on linen canvas
framed $275.00 plus shipping and handling.
for more information please contact

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