Thursday, May 31, 2012

Honorable Mention

Eyes of the Beholder received honorable mention for people's choice award a little while ago in a group show. I found out by accident when I saw my name published in the newsletter of an art group that I belong to. (oops- a happy surprise on my part)   I am grateful that I had several votes and thank you all who voted for my work.  I look forward to the challenge in October for the next group show.

Although this drawing is sold,  Eyes of the Beholder in Oil is available for purchase.


  1. I wish i knew how and where to vote! I would have voted often! This is a wonderful piece Susanne, the colored one too. As if one could reach out and touch them. Your paintings have a softness and a glow. I've not seen anything at all quite like them before. So beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Ross! I had much fun doing these.


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