Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gratitude Cards

This past summer I was fortunate to be employed by two individuals who gave me an opportunity to work outside. One person, Bernadette was my student in class and hired me to mow her lawn weekly, trim her hedge, weed her garden etc.  During this employment, I was fortunate recipient of her garden produce such as cherries, pears, apples etc.  The cherries were the most memorable experience for me as I never in my entire life had those kinds of cherries before.  Although I froze most of my cherries, I did make a homemade cherry pie which was shared with my family.  The second person, Dan who also employed me during the summer enabled me to experience landscaping to the fullest.  I absolutely loved the experience of going to greenhouses, picking plants and working my skinny arms off.  I learned so much from him as he has a wealth of information regarding plants. I am extremely grateful to these two individuals who gave me the opportunity to work outside (which I absolutely love), get some exercise and earn some extra money.

The above gratitude cards are rendered with pen and ink from my walk in nature where I of course have to feed my models to get some photos.

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