Monday, April 29, 2013

Recent Exhibition and People's Choice Award

This past weekend, I participated in a group show in  St. Albert.  The first picture above are some  portrait studies I did in coloured pencils of the models that I hired.  The second picture are two of my pastel drawings.  Ama, shown with the red ribbon, won first place in people's choice award from the  participants in this city and now is hanging in a collectors home.  Congratulations to the new owner of Ama,  and wishing him many years of happiness and beauty in his home for years to come. Thank you to the participants who voted for me.  I am honoured and grateful for the vote.

There is something that I wish also to discuss on my blog as I was approached this past Friday while attending the opening of the show by a lady who asked  if I would consider  reducing my asking price on one of my pastel drawings. Perhaps there are artists out there who may bargain and reduce their prices, and this lady felt it was acceptable to request a price reduction but I was shocked by her question.  Upon discussing this matter with other artists, they too have been approached from time to time about a price reduction in their creations.  Although I cannot speak for the other artists and represent their thoughts, I can address mine and the current reality of my situation and explain why I do not bargain my asking price. First of all,  every show that I have participated in takes a percentage of each item sold ranging  between 20-30 percent. If I was represented in a gallery a greater percentage is taken.  The second thing is that the people I draw are hired individuals.  The third thing is money is spent on the materials used in the creation of the picture as well as the framing costs.  Perhaps the final thing to consider is my time invested in each drawing.  The pastel drawings specifically take me over one month to come to fruition and larger pieces take more time. In reality my asking price doesn't even cover my investment in time. Moreover, the time invested in education and my experience are also a factor.

Finally I wish to address the point on investing in art and paying the asking price.  Perhaps up front it may seem to some people like a chunk from their pay check (less than a month's rent) but in reality art will last a lifetime and beyond. Unless exposed to the elements, it is one of the few items that can last for hundreds of years.  Can't say that about vehicles.   If the piece speaks to the individual, it is worth having beauty in the environment for years to come.  No price can compensate for the joy and happiness and beauty that art adds to a life. Since it lasts for many many years, in the end consider the fact that it is less than a penny a day for the benefits attained by the purchase.

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